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Ford Police Interceptor Repeats as Champ in Michigan, LA Tests

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Ford Police Interceptor Repeats

Ford Police Interceptor repeats as champ in LA, Michigan police testing

Last year, Ford sought to prove that its Police Interceptor vehicle lineup—including EcoBoost-powered variations on the Taurus and Explorer—were the fastest on the force. Tests conducted by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Michigan State Police confirmed as much.

The song remains the same in 2014, with both law enforcement agencies reaffirming that the Ford Police Interceptors are the fastest LEO vehicles that money can buy.

In Michigan, the Police Interceptor sedan with AWD was tested at 5.85-second 0-60 mph and 14.19-second 0-100 mph times. The Police Interceptor Utility with AWD went from zero to 60 in 6.55 seconds and zero to 100 in 16.13 seconds, also besting its competition.

In LA, the Police Interceptor sedan was once again named the quickest-accelerating vehicle overall with a 5.9-second 0-60 time, and it completed the fastest lap around the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana at 1:20.47. The Police Interceptor utility also finished first among the field and ranked best-in-class for stopping distance.

“Ford Police Interceptors are the only police vehicles to be pursuit-tested for three years in a row by both Michigan State Police and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with traction control and electronic stability control safety systems fully engaged,” said Jonathan Honeycutt, marketing manager, Ford police vehicles. “Our safety philosophy entails testing our vehicles as our agencies will drive them.”