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Ford Prepares for Transition from Cars to SUVs

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According to a recent article in USA Today, Ford is counting on a transition from cars to SUVs in the coming years. In fact, IHS automotive predicts that one in five vehicles sold globally will be an SUV by 2018. (That comes out to roughly 14 million SUVs a year.)

Ford SUVs

Vehicles such as the Ford Escape are projected to grow more popular in the coming years.

But it’s not the big, gas-guzzling SUVs of yesteryear that people are clamoring for. It’s the smaller crossovers in particular that have caught the world’s attention, likely for their blend of perfect fuel-efficiency, impressive performance, and roomy interiors made for the average family. USA Today reports that we now have 370 different crossover models on roadways; compare that to just 180 back in 2000.

“These statistics are really dramatic,” commented Jim Farley, who is the head of global marketing, sales, and service for Ford. “Something is really changing in our industry.”

Lucky for Farley, Ford seems to be at the front of this trend, with record-breaking sales figures for the popular crossover and SUV models from the Blue Oval. We expect Ford to continue to lead the charge with its impressive model lineup; the brand more than proved its dedication with the unveiling of the Ford Edge Concept in LA late last year.

Ford’s current SUV/crossover lineup here in the States includes the Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, Flex, and Transit Connect, but we expect to see more added in the coming years.

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