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Ford Puts Its Cup Holders Through an Insane Amount of Testing

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Ford Soft Drink Roller Coaster Test

It would only be natural that Ford would put its vehicles through rigorous, comprehensive testing in order to test their durability and reliability on roads. But did you know that Ford also puts a crapton of effort into testing the effectiveness of its cup holders? Yeah, seriously. Like a million miles of testing.

In fact, Ford outlined one of the more interesting tests it does to make sure that its cup holders do exactly what they are intended to do—which, to some surprise, is hold drinks. The “Roller Coaster Test,” as Ford coins it, is intended to make sure that not a drop of any drink is spilled while in motion.

Carried out at the automaker’s test track in Merkenich, Germany, the “Roller Coaster Test” sees everything from soft drinks to coffee cups subjected to 5 g’s of force to ensure that nothing is spilled. That is roughly approximate to the amount of force one experiences on a roller coaster; hence, “Roller Coaster Test.” This testing includes numerous driving conditions and incorporates high-speed and slalom driving.

As the video below points out, there are more than 1,000 different cups and bottles tested, including tea bottles and “a monster gulp soda cup from America.” Yeah, we get it, we’re fat and we love soda or pop or cola. Whatevs.

“For drivers, being able to easily reach for a favorite drink is a fundamental part of a comfortable journey. But more than that, staying hydrated on the move helps drivers stay focused on the road ahead,” said Martin Dawid, manager, Body Engineering, Ford of Europe.

This explains to some extent why Ford has had such braggadocio about the new cup holders featured in the likes of the new Ford Fusion, Escape, F-Series Super Duty, and GT supercar.