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Ford Recalls Escape, C-Max for Safety Issues

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Ford Recalls Escape

If the 2014 Ford Escape could talk, it would probably make a thinly-veiled threat on your life.

The Ford Escape is starting to look a lot like your always-in-trouble little brother, always being shouted at from the top of the stairs by angry parents wanting to know what kind of trouble it’s getting into. The Escape has been called back for safety issues a ridiculous amount of times since launching in 2012, and it was just August of last year when Ford was forced to pay out a $17.35 million fine for taking too long to inform customers of a rollaway risk. Today, the Escape is being recalled again for two separate issues.

The first recall reported by Detroit News involves 692,500 2013-2014 Ford Escape and C-MAX vehicles. These vehicles suffer from a potential software glitch that could potentially delay the deployment of the safety canopy in the event of a rollover. Ford reports that there have been no crashes or injuries reported related to this particular problem.

Another recall is being issued for 692,700 Escapes regarding faulty exterior door handles that could fail to latch properly and cause the doors to open while the vehicle is in motion. It is reported that all of the Escapes involved in the first recall are involved in the second, which doesn’t quite add up. At this point, if you own a Ford Escape, it’s probably good form to just assume that your vehicle can and will be recalled for a threat to your safety at any given point in time.

The NHTSA has yet to issue notices for these recalls, so there is no timetable for when the recall will begin and when the repairs can be made.  Again, if you are an owner of a 2013-201 Ford Escape and you take your vehicle into your dealership, the chances are good that the service staff will already know that whatever you’re doing has something to do with your Ford Escape being a terrible, terrible deathtrap.