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Ford Sales in China Hit Record High with 15 Percent Increase

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Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company and its joint ventures in China reported a 15% year-over-year retail sales increase in July with 88,189 vehicles delivered, setting a new record for the month. Ford’s sales in China in July 2015 totaled 76,780 units.

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Sales for Changan Ford totaled 69,703 vehicles, up 20% year-over-year from the 57,748 vehicles delivered in July 2015. Ford noted that sales of the Escort were up 82% for the month, while sales of the Ford Focus increased 13%.

Ford’s commercial joint venture, Jiangling Motor Corporation, was up 6% with a total of 17,748 vehicles compared to 16,789 vehicles delivered in July 2015.

Sales of Ford imports—including performance vehicles such as the Ford Mustang and all vehicles sold under the Lincoln brand umbrella—were down 64% at 1,367 vehicles.

Through July, Ford’s total sales in China are up 6% at 652,836 units compared to the 616,852 vehicles delivered through the first seven months of 2015. Changan Ford sales are up 11% at 69,074 vehicles vs. 57,748 vehicles delivered through July 2015. Jiangling Motor Corporation sales are down 5% from with 147,027 units sold through July 2015 at a grand total of 130,262 vehicles. Import sales are down 73.5% with 9,855 units compared to 17,099 through July of last year.

Ford does not report individual vehicle sales for China, nor does it report wholesale figures. Sales for the Lincoln brand are reported quarterly. Last month, Ford reported first-half growth of 5%.

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