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Watch Videos, Enter The Ford Summer Spectacular Giveaway

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Ford Summer Spectacular GiveawayHi there. It’s reasonable to assume that if you are reading this right now (right this very second, in fact), having been lured in by the headline pertaining to the Ford Summer Spectacular Giveaway, then the following holds true:

  • You are on the Internet
  • You like cars
  • You like clicking things on the Internet
  • Sometimes when you click on things, you end up reading
  • Other times when you click on things, you end up watching a video
  • You wouldn’t be too terribly opposed to winning a car
  • You wouldn’t mind that particular car being one of six 2014 Ford models

Did you pass? Good. Because we’ve got just the ticket for you: by visiting the Ford Summer Spectacular Giveaway contest page, you can watch a video corresponding to the Ford vehicle of your choice, register to win, and share the opportunity with like-minded folks.

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Each model—the 2014 Fusion, C-MAX Hybrid, Mustang, Fusion Hybrid, Escape, and F-150—gets a unique video to watch. If you don’t want to watch all six (and if you don’t, where is your soul?), we’ll fill you in just a bit: the Fusion, Mustang, Escape, and F-150 each star in hero spots that are done up like trailers for summer blockbusters; and the Fusion Hybrid and C-MAX Hybrid get more straightforward videos detailing the vehicles’ green innovations and passenger utility.

While each video takes you to the same entry page where you can either fill out a form or connect through Facebook, you can earn additional entries by watching all six clips. So you’re definitely in luck if you like watching videos and increasing your odds to win free cars. (And if you’ve read to this point, we’re going to assume that’s the case).

If you want to earn five more chances, you can then post a custom link to your Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Google+/LinkedIn and hope that 25 of your friends use it to enter the Ford Summer Spectacular Giveaway for themselves. Protip: post on Myspace, LiveJournal, and Xanga to boost your chances even more!

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The Ford Summer Spectacular Giveaway ends September 1.