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Ford Takes a Stand During the Presidential Debate

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donald trump rally

Donald Trump speaking at a rally
Photo: Michael Vadon

No matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, last night’s presidential debate was truly a spectacle. Many brands were taking advantage of the trending hashtags to try and get some exposure, but one company decided to use the debate as time to get the facts straight about one of the Republican Party nominee’s major talking points. We are, of course, talking about The Ford Motor Company.

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Earlier this month, Ford confirmed plans to move all small car manufacturing to Mexico, and start production on two unknown SUVs or trucks after 2018 (our bets are on the Ranger and Bronco). Of course, the reaction was swift and condemning from Donald Trump. The nominee said that the automaker would fire 100,000 employees and stated that he would impose a 35% tariff on any imported Fords from Mexico. Ford’s response to the accusation was swift, with CEO Mark Fields appearing on television to refute the claims of job losses, and reiterating that the move was being done to protect American jobs with stable vehicle production to strengthen the American workforce.


Unfortunately, in this presidential election, not only do you have to convince the people who watch the news, but the multitude of users on Twitter. Ford waited a while, but during tonight’s presidential debate, it sprung with a new graphic promoting its investment in the American workforce.

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Besides the infographic tweet, the automaker’s social media specialists answered a few people questioning their move to Mexico in the comments.

This just confirms what we already knew, that Ford remains one of America’s great automakers. In fact, this brand should be the American business poster child, for not taking bailout money and continuing to build America’s bestselling vehicle, the Ford F-150. Before you start throwing rocks at the blue oval, consider looking at how many cars the other American automakers build overseas.

News Source: Jalopnik