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Ford Teaming with Pivotal for SYNC Connect Development

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Pivotal teaming with Ford

Ford has announced a new, three-year collaborative effort with Pivotal® that will result in further development of connected vehicle experiences. Through this partnership, Ford is seeking to become a quicker and more versatile developer of software, allowing for greater advancement of its SYNC® Connect technology for future customers.

“As we grow to become both an automaker and a mobility company, having leading software development expertise is critical to delivering at the speed consumers expect,” said Marcy Klevorn, Ford vice president and chief information officer. “Customers today are used to frequent software updates on their mobile devices, and expect them with all technology. This collaboration with Pivotal allows for quicker vehicle software updates and an even better user experience for Ford customers.”

SYNC Connect was announced to debut as part of the 2017 Ford Escape. Its features include remote lock/unlock capabilities, remote start and remote start scheduling, vehicle location services, and fuel and oil level checks. Ford intends to expand the software’s capabilities quickly as it becomes more widely adopted.

Ford also says that it intends to build at least a portion of its connected vehicle platform on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry® platform, and it will utilize the Pivotal Big Data Suite for analyzing real-time data and developing new applications.