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Ford Tests Self-Parking Car Technology in Belgium

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Self-Parking CarFor those of us who have experienced the horrors that come from trying to park your car on campus, Ford is developing a self-parking car technology that would allow drivers to leave the hassle of squeezing into a narrow spot up to the car entirely.

Ford has been conducting trials for the Fully Assisted Parking Aid technology in Belgium along with another that would enable a Ford vehicle to turn the wheel in order to prevent hitting pedestrians.  By utilizing the Fully Assisted Parking Aid tech, a driver can stand outside of the car and press a button to watch while their car parks itself.

“Parking in today’s cities can be stressful and difficult,” said Barb Samardzich, a Ford of Europe vice president, in a quote found in the USA Today article covering the technologies.  “We want to make it as easy, efficient and accurate as possible.”

A video demonstration shows the self-parking car as being particularly useful in attempting to squeeze into a tight space.  The technology would eliminate the need for tricky space negotiation when trying to enter or exit the car whilst fit in snugly between cars parked on opposite sides.

With any luck, we hope that this will one day lead to a technology that allows college-aged drivers to let their car hunt for spots so that they don’t have to sprint to their Economics 231 final.

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