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Ford Warriors in Pink Study Finds Daily Routine Among Biggest Concerns for Breast Cancer Patients

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More Good Days

A survey by Ford as part of its Warriors in Pink More Good Days initiative found that maintaining a day-to-day routine and maintaining a balanced diet is high on the list of concerns for people diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Ford Warriors in Pink More Good Days survey asked 551 women in the United States who are currently fighting or have survived breast cancer to identify their top concerns and challenges. Behind the fear of a shortened life expectancy, respondents named the inability to complete necessary daily tasks as their biggest concern when battling cancer.

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Among the tasks that the respondents mentioned as requiring the most help are completing chores around the house, running errands, and preparing their own meals.

A second study, the Ford Warriors in Pink Breast Cancer Awareness survey, found that only about 60% of 2,500 respondents are aware of the challenges that are faced by those diagnosed with breast cancer on a daily basis, and only about 28% are aware of how to provide support to those who need it.

“What the results of the surveys tell us is that while most adults aren’t sure how to support these patients, the majority—75%—want more information on how to help,” says Tracy Magee, Ford Warriors in Pink brand manager. “The insights give us an opportunity to build upon the resources we offer to ensure we respond to the needs of those undergoing treatment.

“Through our More Good Days initiative, we’re striving to equip people with the knowledge and resources they need to help,” adds Magee. “Ultimately, we want to give breast cancer patients what they deserve—more good days.”

Ford Warriors in Pink has been working to raise awareness about breast cancer while simultaneously raising funds for research for 20 years. Through 2016, Ford has contributed $130 million to those efforts.

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