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Four Nissan Cars that Make Essential Back-to-School Tools

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Nissan Versa Note back-to-school cars

Nissan Versa Note, one of many Nissan back-to-school cars

Let’s take a look over your back-to-school checklist:

  • Smiley face stickers?  Check.
  • Number 2 pencils? Check.
  • Exorbitantly priced textbooks?  Check.
  • Teacher’s dirty looks?  Please turn off your cell phone.  Did you even read the syllabus?

Ah, wait.  Something is missing.  A car!  You’ll need to make sure that you’ve got some wheels to attribute to that crazy-expensive parking pass you just bought.  So this begs the question: what is the ideal back to school vehicle?

If Kelley Blue Book knows anything about cars (and do you even have to ask whether or not they do?), then the 2013 Nissan Versa Note is the ideal choice for back-to-school car buyers.  With 40 MPG highway fuel efficiency, enough trunk space in which to fit all of those $400 engineering textbooks, and a variety of handy-dandy tech, like Hands-free Text Messaging assistant, Bluetooth connectivity, and  Around View® Monitor to help spy those pesky parking spot lurkers, the Versa Note boasts everything the intrepid college student could ever need.

The Versa Note’s sister-model, the Versa Sedan, offers many of the same standard features as the Note with the added advantage of a super-low starting MSRP of $11,990.

Looking to stand apart from the crowd (which, coincidentally, makes finding your car after class that much easier?)  Try the Nissan cube, which was named Top Safety Pick by the IIHS.

And for those looking to spend a bit more but save a lot at the pump, why not consider the Nissan Leaf, the all-electric benchmark that can get up to 129 MPGe city.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll ace every test this year, but we can confirm with our big red pen that Nissan’s models are a solid A+ in value, efficiency, and style.