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Frontier or Titan? Nissan Teases New Pickup

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Frontier or TitanSo, hey, what are you doing on June 11th? Well, whatever your plans, you may want to put them on hold because you have been cordially invited to a baby shower. Sort of. You see, by “baby,” we actually mean the new Frontier or Titan pickup truck. And by “shower,” we mean Nissan is going to reveal it on their website. So, yeah, it’s actually really nothing at all like a baby shower.

So let’s try that again: Nissan is going to show off their new Frontier or Titan pickup truck on June 11. So you should get ready for that. To help get you ready for that (the aforementioned reveal), Nissan has unleashed the following tweet:

See, you can’t totally blame us for the awkward baby metaphor here.

In addition to the teaser tweet, we got the following video, which chronicles 80 years of Nissan’s pickup heritage. So if Nissan is celebrating 80 years of making pickup trucks and is equating the reveal of an all-new Frontier or Titan to childbirth, does that mean that Nissan are reincarnationists?

As for whether this new truck will be either a Frontier or Titan, AutoBlog astutely points out that the tweet was from @Nissan and not @NissanUSA and that the Titan is only offered in North America. Also, the roof rack gives the sheathed truck more than a passing resemblance to the cloaked Diesel Runner Concept the Nissan revealed back at CAS.

Frontier Diesel Runner unveiling

Also, the Titan has been long-rumored for a 2015 NAIAS debut, leading us to believe that we’re probably looking at the next-gen Frontier. But we’ll withhold judgment until the tarp comes off in a little over a week.

For more information on what Nissan’s hiding under the sheet, check back in with us on June 11 for the whole scoop.