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The FT-1 May Not Be the Next Supra Whether You Want it to Be or Not

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Toyota FT-1 Concept Car - Next Supra

We wish as much as you do that Toyota’s FT-1 concept car, shown here at the Chicago Auto Show, will become the next Supra.

We’d like to let you in on a well-kept secret about car buyers (and we hope you’re listening up back there, Toyota): they really, really want a new Supra. Seriously, we don’t understand how this has not been picked up by the automaker after nearly 16 years of clamoring from U.S. sports car enthusiasts. That’s why it’s really easy for folks to get worked up when they see something like the FT-1 Concept—which made its debut at NAIAS this year—and think gee, that could almost certainly be the next Supra!

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So it’s very unfortunate when AutoGuide posts an article telling us that the FT-1 Concept is confirmed to be the next Supra. Particularly when Jalopnik reaches out to sources within Toyota (which is probably good protocol to follow before you go running out to confirm that a possibly one-off concept vehicle is the seedbed from which a long-desired sports car will rise) and reaffirms that the FT-1 Concept is a design study and not necessarily the foundation for the next Supra.

Bad, AutoGuide, bad! While it’s entirely possible that we will get our new Supra sometime this century, or that the Supra of which we dream will be very-much based upon the FT-1 that led us to question what if, it’s very likely that we’re not going to get anything officially confirmed any time soon (despite whatever deceptive headlines you may read).

So what’s it going to take Toyota? What must we do to appease your masochistic appetites before we get the thing we so desire?

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