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Gas Use Suspected in Robbery of Jenson Button and Wife

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Jenson Button

Jenson Button and his wife, Jessica Michibata, were recently robbed while on vacation in St. Tropez, France

Being robbed is never fun. Being gassed is never fun. Being robbed and gassed is definitely never fun. And we think Formula 1 driver and potential Top Gear host Jenson Button and his wife, Jessica Michibata, would agree.

Recently, Button and Michibata were robbed in a vacation home in the south of France. While having over $465,000 of items stolen is not what we consider a great vacation by itself, being gassed right before that much is stolen makes it the worst vacation ever.

According to BBC, Button, his wife, and three friends were staying at a rented villa in Saint-Tropez, France. While they were sleeping, burglars allegedly pumped gas through the air conditioning vents, knocking out the five out-of-towners and securing their ability to steal without being caught. Among the items stolen was Michibata’s $387,000 engagement ring, which the couple is understandably upset about losing.

It comes as no surprise that the couple and their friends were shaken up after the robbery. Who wouldn’t be? While the details of the robbery—and how the robbers got in—are still a bit hazy, we hope that the thieves will be caught soon.