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Gear Knobs is Possibly the Name of Jeremy Clarkson’s New Show

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Top Gear Amazon

It’s possible the name for the old Top Gear trio’s new show is Gear Knobs. But shhhhh… it’s a secret!

From the moment Jeremy Clarkson left Top Gear in the wake of what we have now deemed “Punchgate,” speculation has surrounded the Brit, causing many to wonder what he was going to next. As Richard Hammond and James May, Clarkson’s brothers-in-arms on Top Gear, joined him in the unemployment line, rumors surrounding the three continued to grow. When the trio finally announced they will have a new show, speculation about their future stopped—but speculation about the new show began, including one major question: What will the trio’s new show be called?

Though those associated with the three gear heads’ new show have stayed mum on the topic of the show’s name, it looks like we might have finally figured it out. The new show will be called Gear Knobs.

According to Buzzfeed, a law firm called Olswang, which is known for associating with Clarkson, has registered trademarks for the Gear Knobs name. While Top Gear-lovers laid in wait, hoping to hear news of Clarkson, May, and Hammond, the law firm quietly trademarked the name two weeks before the trio made the announcement about the Amazon show.

Gear Knobs Trademark

A glimpse of the Gear Knobs trademark paperwork
Photo: UK Intellectual Property Office

The Gear Knobs name is a perfect fit for the three hosts with its cheekiness—after all, the word “knob” (or the alternative spelling “nob”) is British slang for a man’s nether regions. Could you get anymore tongue-in-cheek than that?

While no one from the show’s camp has confirmed that Gear Knobs is the show’s name, it’s understandable that the name’s trademarks have been submitted so early. The Top Gear trademark was worth an estimated £150 million a year, thanks to a combination of live shows, DVD sales, and branded merchandise—and there’s no doubt the new show will have similar margins of merchandise success.

News Source: Buzzfeed