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General Motors CEO Answers 4th-Grade Girl’s Letter, Makes Her Day

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Mary Barra

General Motors CEO and Chairman Mary Barra
Photo: Fortune Live Media

General Motors CEO Mary Barra recently made a little girl’s day — and maybe even influenced the direction of her future.

As part of an assignment for her fourth-grade class, North Carolina 10-year-old Brianna White had to write a letter to an important public figure or celebrity, with the goal of getting a response.

Brianna is a fan of Chevrolet vehicles, thanks to her father’s job at a local Chevy dealership. Chris White knew Barra was the first-ever female CEO in the auto industry, and he thought she would be a good person for Brianna to write to — and a great role model for her to look up to as well.

With her father’s influence and her teacher’s approval, Brianna ended up writing a handwritten letter to Barra.

Not long after Brianna sent the letter, she heard back. Not only did Barra send a personalized response to Brianna, but she also included a model of a Corvette.

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“I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh!” Brianna told WFMY News 2. “I was happy.”

Now, when she grows up, Brianna says she’d like to imitate Barra by pursuing a business career.

If Brianna does end up following that path, Barra will be a great example to follow. Starting at the age of 18, she worked her way up the ladder at GM in a variety of positions, displaying outstanding leadership skills at every level and contributing heavily to the company’s success. Finally, in 2014, Barra reached the top when she was named CEO (and later Chairman) of the company.

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News Source: WFMY News 2