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General Motors Has Big Plans for Connectivity

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Photo: © General Motors

General Motors has grand designs for its in-vehicle connectivity services. Not only does the automaker plan on making like a whole boatload of money off of OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot, but it also plans on using its vehicles as a platform to continue to build connectivity, car-sharing, and autonomous driving (and also to make even more boatloads of money).

“Our goal is to disrupt ourselves, and own the customer relationship beyond the car,” GM CEO Mary Barra told Reuters on Tuesday. GM ostensibly wants to ensure that its customers stay within its various brands through convenience features such as a smartphone app that would allow drivers to import their preferences into rental cars.

GM certainly has a line on the competition in terms of keeping tech-hungry customers. According to GM executive director of connectivity, who also spoke with Reuters this week, GM sold more 4G LTE connected vehicles in three days this past June than the rest of the industry did in the first six months of the year.

Earlier this year, General Motors stated that it anticipates OnStar 4G LTE will add upwards of $350 million in additional annual revenue by 2018.

News Source: Reuters