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General Motors Proudly Announces It Has 420 Green Dealers

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GM's Green Dealer Recognition program certifies eco-friendly dealerships

GM’s Green Dealer Recognition program certifies eco-friendly dealerships

General Motors has announced that 420 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac dealerships in the US are now participating in the automaker’s Green Dealer program.

Also, GM actually made this announcement yesterday, so I don’t think that this story is an elaborate April Fool’s joke, despite the fact that it contains both the number 420 and the phrase “Green Dealer.”

Since the program launched in 2015, GM has awarded 38 Green Dealer certifications to dealerships that have implemented energy reduction, water conservation, renewable energy, waste-to-landfill reduction and community outreach practices.

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“I didn’t upgrade our dealership just to be green, I did it because it makes business sense,” said Al Davis, whose efforts including heating the service department and body shop of his Lexington, North Carolina dealership with used vehicle oil. “Although there are clear environmental benefits, there’s an equal boost to our bottom line and our workplace culture.”

Green Dealer Michael Payne powers his Glenwood Springs, Colorado dealership with 40 kilowatts of solar energy provided by a rooftop array and solar canopy over an EV charging station. Payne plans to add another 50-kilowatt array, which will enable his Chevy dealership to achieve net-zero energy use in some months of the year.

Dealers looking to earn GM Green Dealer certification can visit the official website.

“GM has long been committed to being a leader in environmental stewardship, and we’re proud that our dealers share this commitment to serve and improve the communities where we live and work,” said GM vice president of US Sales Operations, Kurt McNeil.

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