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General Motors Sales in China Top 3.5 Million in 2014

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General Motors sales in China

The 2015 Chevy Cruze

General Motors sales in China (including vehicles sold through GM’s various joint ventures) totaled a whopping 3,539,970 million units in 2014, marking a 12% increase from last year’s impressive total of 3.16 million units. That shakes out to about 68,076 vehicles every week, 9,699 vehicles every day, 404 vehicles every hour, 7 vehicles every minute, and one vehicle every 9 seconds.

In the time it took you to start and finish reading that paragraph, GM sold two cars in China. Yikes.

“GM performed well ahead of the overall industry in China, which was up an estimated 7.5 percent last year,” said GM Executive Vice President and President of GM China Matt Tsien. “We experienced especially strong growth in demand in the luxury segment as well as in the SUV and MPV segments.”

General Motors sales in China

Cadillac XTS

GM Shanghai sales were up 13.1% with 1,710,025 units delivered. SAIC-GM-Wiling accounted for 1,787,931 units, up 12.8%. FAW-GM was down 29.4%, but still pitched in 41,072 units.

Chevrolet sales were up 10% with 717,007 units sold, thanks to the increased popularity of the Cruze. The Cruze was up 7.7% with sales totaling 265,993, meaning that a little more than one out of every three Chevrolets sold in China last year was a Cruze. The Sail family contributed an additional 203,208 units, and sales of the Malibu increased 25.4% to 125,547 units.

Cadillac sales were up 47% with a record 73,500 units, spurred on by record sales from the XTS (31,960 units, up 59%) and solid performances from the SRX (27,484 units) and ATS and ATS-L (13,278 units combined).

Buick was insanely hot with Chinese buyers in 2014, racking up sales of 919,528 units. The Excelle family accounted for 293,098 units, the Excelle XT and GT were up 20.6% with 246,305 units combined, and the Regal and Encore added in 111,245 units total. The late-launching Envision, which is scheduled to arrive in the US sometime in the near future, added 19,683 units.

General Motors sales in China

Buick Envision