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General Motors Sales Up 11.9% in September Thanks to Big Gains from Chevy, GMC

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General Motors September 2017 sales

General Motors sales increased 11.9% in September with 279,397 vehicles delivered in the United States. Retail sales for the month were also up, increasing 8.1% from 2016 to 221,075 vehicles sold and giving the automaker its best September at retail in a decade. Helping to lead the way for GM was another strong month from crossovers, which were up 43% across the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac brands.

“Our new crossovers from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac have been very well-received and Chevrolet had an outstanding month with the Silverado and Colorado,” said Kurt McNeil, US Vice President of Sales Operations. “We are entering the fourth quarter with strong momentum, great products, and a healthy economy.”

“The overall strength of the US economy is the main force driving the market,” added GM Chief Economist Mustafa Mohatarem, who suggests that indicators suggest growth and stability in the months ahead. “With the US economy strengthening, retail sales should remain strong for the foreseeable future.”

Chevrolet saw its total sales increase 17.4% at 199,801 vehicles and its retail sales rise 12.1% at 151,792 vehicles. Retail sales were the highest the brand has seen in September since 2004, led by a best-ever September for Equinox and best month ever from Traverse.

Despite a 20% overall sales decline, Buick only saw retail sales dip 4.1% with 16,498 vehicles sold. Of that total, 87% of all sales were crossovers and SUVs, led by Encore posting its best month ever at retail.

GMC sales were up 9.4% in total at 47,329 vehicles, and up 5.8% at retail with 40,938 vehicles. September marked a new record for Denali penetration, with 33% of all vehicles sold at retail coming from the high-luxury trim.

Cadillac sales were up 1.1% overall with 15,530 vehicles sold, and XT5 sales increased 58.5% at 7,302 vehicles sold.

Through September, GM’s total sales in the United States are down 0.8% at 2,195,502 vehicles. Retail sales for the year-to-date period are down 0.7% at 1,778,118 vehicles.