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Genius Photographer Recreates Renaissance Masterpieces in Midwest Auto Shop

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For many people, cars are pieces of art. For Freddy Fabris, a Chicago-based photographer and overall artistic mastermind, cars and the mechanics that work on them are more than just any old pieces of art—they’re masterpieces.

Fabris, an award-winning photographer with a background in painting, has always wanted to create a series of photographs that capture the elegance and beauty of the most well-known classics in the art world, but he wasn’t entirely sure how— until he entered a Midwest automotive shop with a friend and was immediately inspired by those working there.

The result? The Renaissance Series, which combines the use of lighting, positioning, and the messages of original Renaissance masterpieces with the seemingly gritty life of a mechanic.

Freddy Fabris The Last Supper

In a recent article by American Photographic Artists, Freddy stated, “If you walk on sets with a very definite idea of what’s going to happen, you’re not allowing for the creative process that takes place on set while you are shooting.” This philosophy is seen throughout his Renaissance series, which allows the essence of the original artwork to show through in modern photographs.

Freddy’s series is not only beautiful, but it also allows the public to see a hidden depth in a group of automotive mechanics. For many people, the job of a mechanic is typically thought of only when their car needs to be fixed; Fabris changes this idea, highlighting the life of a mechanic as more than a mere fixer.

Through Fabris’s lens, we are able to see each mechanic’s sense of humor, adding a personal touch that will make anyone think twice the next time they bring their car in for some routine maintenance.

Freddy Fabris The Anatomy Lesson

The photos themselves illustrate the classic quality for which each art piece is known. The lighting within the photos has a Rembrandt-like quality, which makes it no surprise that Fabris was inspired by the world-renowned Dutch painter.

Along with The Last Supper by Phillipe de Champaigne, Freddy Fabris also recreated other art works with his photographs like The Anatomy Lesson by Rembrandt, The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, and a series of portraits inspired by Rembrandt.

Freddy Fabris The Creation of Adam

It comes as no surprise that this set of personal photography has won multiple awards, including the 1st Place International Color Award, the APA Conceptual Award, and the Eyeland Silver Award.

To see the entirety of Freddy Fabris’s beautiful work, visit his website. You can also check out his Rembrandt-inspired portraits here:

PHOTOS: Freddy Fabris’s Renaissance Series Portraits

Freddy Fabris Renaissance Portrait 6


Freddy Fabris Renaissance Portrait 5


Freddy Fabris Renaissance Portrait 4


Freddy Fabris Renaissance Portrait 3


Freddy Fabris Renaissance Portrait 2


Freddy Fabris Renaissance Portrait 1

Photos posted with permission from Fabris Photography.