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Georgetown Plant is Buzzin’ as Toyota Helps Honeybees

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Toyota helps honeybees


If you ever listen to the news, you’ve probably heard talk of our bee population being in trouble. As bees begin to disappear, experts worry that our food resources will dry up with nothing to pollinate plants. If you think about it, we have a lot to thank bees for—from making sure we have plentiful food to providing us with sweet, sweet honey that goes so well on top of Greek yogurt along with a liberal sprinkling of fresh berries (remind us not to write about food when we’re hungry). One automaker recognizes the importance of bees in our lives, which is why Toyota helps honeybees by establishing 10 hives at its Georgetown, Kentucky plant.

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Toyota helps honeybees

Bee Bold Apiaries co-founders Eric Hanan and Joseph G. Lelinho install a hive on the Montclair Historical Society’s working farm

The inhabitants of these hives—85,000 honeybees—have plenty of plants to pollinate close to their homes. Nearby, aptly-named Cherry Blossom Way provides some of the best flowers for pollinating. The bees then buzz back to their hives, and Toyota is able to gift more than 100 pounds of Cherry Blossom Honey to the plant’s visitors. Sign us up for the next tour! Georgetown isn’t the only place Toyota helps honeybees. The Japanese automaker’s New Jersey parts distribution center recently made a donation to help Montclair Historical Society set up two honeybee hives to help pollinate its working farm. Each hive collects approximately 66 pounds of pollen every year, which helps ensure the farm’s plants grow strong and healthy. The farm proudly donates the food it grows to local low-income families. Kudos to Toyota for recognizing the importance of honeybees in our lives, and for taking a step to help ensure they’re around for years to come!

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