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A German-Built Buick Regal Is Likely by 2017

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2015 regal | A German-Built Buick Regal Is Likely by 2017

A German-built Buick Regal is likely by 2017.
Pictured: The 2015 Buick Regal ©GM

Currently, the Buick Regal is designed in Canada, but GM has slowly been moving out of the country (one of the most expensive countries in which to build automobiles) in favor of building its vehicles in the United States, specifically, of course, in Michigan. Already, the Impala is being built at Detroit-Hamtramck, and production of the next-generation Camaro will move to Lansing, Michigan, sometime next year. The Regal and the Cadillac XTS (a low volume vehicle) would be the only ones left in Canada.

Automotive News believes that we can expect a German-built Buick Regal, however, rather than an American-built model, and quite soon. In fact, the Regal, which is admittedly Buick’s most European-looking model, is due for a redesign in 2017, making it the perfect year to shift production elsewhere.

And why not Germany? The Regal is essentially a rebadged Opel Insignia, and the Insignia is built in Russelsheim, Germany. In fact, as Automotive News points out, Opel just a few months ago released a statement announcing that another model would soon be assembled at the plant and sold in the U.S. under the Buick nameplate.

Plus, as Buick tries to rebrand itself into a modern day luxury competitor, it couldn’t hurt to get a taste of real, genuine German automaking. Maybe some of the auto prowess of German luxury carmakers will rub off.

We’ll bring you more updates and confirmation if or when we receive them.