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Get Hyped: Report Says BMW to Release Actual Tesla Fighter, a 200-mile Electric 3-Series

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If you are either a BMW fan or an electric vehicle fan, then it is officially “Get Hyped o’clock.”

German publication Handelsblatt has reported that BMW, which last we heard was callously scuttling its i5 project to the sound of “Oh, maybe we will electrify the X3 or something,” will soon be revealing a new 3-Series sedan powered entirely by electrons, with a very impressive potential of 250 miles of range.

According to Handelsblatt, this move comes almost as a direct response to the Tesla Model 3, which is the same size segment and is launching at a similar starting price (a bit over $30,000). The Model 3 is starting deliveries in July.

Tesla Model 3

The German publication also adds that BMW will be unveiling its electric version along with the new generation of 3-Series at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Now, there are some caveats for us in the states. First of all, we don’t really know which version of the European road test BMW is using to reach its 250-mile figure and, if it is using the older, more generous cycle, then the US EPA rating is likely to be much closer to the 200-mile mark.

Here in the land of the free and the home of the hamburger, we won’t likely see an electric 3-Series until the 2019 model year. So if you were suddenly wondering how to drum up $30-40,000 in a hurry, you now have a year or so to plan.

BMW, of course, has refused to comment and Handelsblatt attributed the information to “company sources,” so there is no definite confirmation on this or any information on the electric motor, battery, or any other details of the new electric 3-Series.

However, if correct, we may soon have the first honest-to-goodness Tesla Fighter hitting the road for the first time.

Get hyped, folks. I am.

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