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Getting on the Road: Do You Know Where to Start?

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Is online driver training right for you?

Teens can’t wait to get on the road. It means freedom and independence to anyone who applies for a driver’s license. Some of their elders are sentenced to drivers’ training when they’ve violated the rules of the road and, occasionally, adults apply for their first driver’s license. Whatever the case, those applying for a license need effective and approved training.


Do you know where to start?

According to a report sponsored by the NHTSA, “The goal of driver education and training is to transfer knowledge, develop skills, and enhance the disposition of the teen, so he/she can perform as a safe and competent driver, thereby contributing to the reduction of crashes, fatalities, and injuries.” You can take one-on-one lessons with an instructor in a formal classroom and via behind the wheel courses. Good instructors will model proper traffic behavior and coach you to successful completion of the course. But the internet now enables full approved online driver’s training and that may be the place to start getting on the road.


online driver training

You could save time and money taking driving courses online from home

Benefits of online driver’s training

Convenience: Online training lets you study from the comfort and security of your home. It helps you focus on the tasks and functions involved in safe and defensive driving. You can go online any time of day or night, any day of the week. You can log in from any device at any location with internet access. It’s perfect for teens and working adults.

Expense: You might pay as much as $200 to $800 for all-inclusive driver training schools, according to CarsDirect. Individual instructors charge as much as $80 per hour, while online lessons are much lower because there are no instructors to pay or insurance liability on the vehicles when driven by students.

Time: In one-on-one training, students are scheduled for lessons over a two to three week period. The instructor may try to work out a convenient schedule, but you must settle on a strict appointment schedule. Online training means you control the training schedule, completing large or small portions of the training at your convenience.

Pacing: Teens in driver’s training may also have part-time jobs in addition to their school hours. Online training lets them work at the pace they prefer. Most teens are fairly good at multitasking and succeed when they can work on their own terms.

Finals: In states where approved, your online course ends with a final exam online, again at your convenience and when you feel ready. This is great for students who suffer from test anxiety.


Getting on the road!

In states like Texas, you can register for SafeMotorist online training for all your driving needs. Other states that have approved online training include California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Online driver training helps you save gas, time, stress, and headaches. It lets you work comfortably at your own pace at an affordable out-of-pocket cost. If you don’t know where to start, consider the options, do your research, and check the advantages of online driver training.

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