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GM GREEN Youth Summit Gets Results for Wentzville Water

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Wentzville Missouri Students GM GREEN Youth Summit

Photo: © General Motors

More than 90 students from the Wentzville Middle School in Missouri participated in a GM GREEN Youth summit held at Heartland Park. The students collaborated with engineers from the nearby General Motors Wentzville Assembly on water quality monitoring and crafting solutions for addressing community issues with water quality, and the summit acted as a forum for the sharing of those results and concepts.

“I learned that if there is not good water, then there would be less wildlife,” said Wentzville Middle School student Faith Potter.  “When my group cleaned the Holt campus, we found a lot of trash in the sewers—so litter is a big part of our water quality.”

To garner these results, the students tested water in nearby creeks and used their results to consider measures that could be taken in the effort of improving water quality. Their efforts were supported by businesses throughout Wentzville that provided materials needed for the follow-through portion of the process.

One result of the project was a Toss 10 on Tuesday Challenge, which encourages litter pickup around Wentzville. Additionally, the Board of Alderman was awarded with $1,250 in Earth Day Action Grants, which will be put toward promoting reusable shopping bags as opposed to plastic bags.

GM GREEN is the result of a partnership between Wentzville Middle School, Earth Force, General Motors, and the City of Wentzville.