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GM Half-Ton Vans Nixed for 2015

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GM Half-Ton vans: Chevrolet Express 2500

While the Express 1500 and Savana 1500 will be leaving the marketplace, heavy duty models such as the Express 2500 (pictured) will remain.

According to a report out of, GM half-ton vans will be going the way of the dinosaur for 2015. Instead of the Chevrolet Express 1500 and the GMC Savana 1500, drivers can opt for the Heavy Duty models or go with the all-new 2015 Chevy City Express.

GM Half-Ton Vans Nixed, City Express taking place

The 2015 Chevy City Express

Sales played a significant role in the decision. Reportedly, the Express 1500 made up only 23 percent of sales for the Express line. The Savana 1500 fared even worse, accounting for just 7 percent of Savana sales.

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But sales were not the only contributing factor, of course. If you’re thinking CAFE, you’ve likely hit the nail on the head. All vehicles 8,500 pounds and under must be rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These GM half-ton vans came in just under the 8,500 mark and really hurt their respective brands’ overall mpg numbers. By eliminating these vehicles, Chevy and GMC can produce their HD models without worrying about CAFE, and GM can depend on the City Express to provide better fuel economy numbers for those who don’t need a van quite so big.

Joe Langhauser, product manager for GM’s full-size vans, told, “Would we ever bring back that [1500] badging and that labeling? Potentially, but it will always be over 8,500 pounds in that space… there are a lot of regulatory changes that occur at 8,500 pounds.”

Check back in soon for more information.

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