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GM Ignition Switch Deadline Extended Once More

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GM ignition switch deadline

The 2014 Chevy Impala is just one of the vehicles impacted by the GM ignition switch recall

Here at The News Wheel, we’re the type of people who would want potentially deadly issues with our cars fixed as soon as possible, since, you know, we like living and stuff. But it appears that there are many drivers of GM vehicles who either don’t value their lives, or are somehow unaware that their vehicles face a pretty significant recall. In order to reach these drivers, the GM ignition switch deadline is being extended—again—in the hopes that the drivers in question will finally bring their vehicles in for their much-needed fixes.

GM has been trying to get drivers whose cars still need repairing into dealerships in a variety of ways. First, two weeks ago, the automaker offered $25 gift cards to those drivers who brought their vehicles in for recall work—work that would be at no cost to the driver, we might add—by December 1st. Then, one week ago, that deadline was extended until January 1st. And now, GM is extending that deadline to January 31st. Next week, we expect it’ll be extended to February, then March, then April… you get the picture.

We’re happy to hear that GM is pushing its drivers to bring in their vehicles for a free fix, but we have to wonder why the drivers in question didn’t rush to make an appointment with their nearest dealership service centers as soon as they got their recall notices. After all, 13 deaths and 31 crashes have been linked to this issue. Hopefully the deadline extension will push people to take their cars in for repair sooner rather than later.