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GM Korea CEO Helps Make Kimchi as Part of “Kimchi of Love” Event

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GM Korea CEO Kaher Kazem making kimchi | Sharing Winter Kimchi of Love

No, this is not surgery being conducted on an alien; it’s GM Korea CEO Kaher Kazem making kimchi for “Kimchi of Love” 

More than 300 volunteers from General Motors Korea got their hands dirty — or at least the rubber gloves adorning their hands — making 12 whole tons of kimchi for 71 social welfare facilities and child welfare facilities in Seoul. The volunteers were joined by reps from GM Korea’s suppliers and Korea Food for the Hungry International, as well as high-ranking executives like GM Korea President and CEO Kaher Kazem and GM Korea Supplier Association Chairman Seung Moon.

“Kimchi-making is one of the meaningful activities to share neighborly love,” said Kazem. “I hope the Kimchi that we produce with our hands will be delivered to those in need.”

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This year’s “Sharing Winter Kimchi of Love” event will include operations in Gunsan, Changwon, Boryeong, and GM Korea’s headquarters in Bupyeong, making it the biggest event of its kind since its launch in 2005. It’s expected that GM Korea and its volunteers will generate 17 tons of kimchi in 2018 alone, benefitting around 115 organizations in the country. In the 13 years since the advent of the program, the General Motors Korea Employee Foundation has donated an impressive 225 tons of kimchi. The event has also become increasingly popular among GM’s expat employees.

“I am pleased that volunteers from GM Korea and its suppliers work together and reach out to underprivileged neighbors through this volunteer opportunity,” said Moon. “GM Korea and its suppliers will continue to carry out various volunteering activities together.”

Kimchi: delicious, nutritious, fun to make, and bringing together communities. What more could you ask for?

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