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GM Plans to Introduce More Than 20 New or Refreshed Models in China This Year

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GM is making a big investment in what has become its largest market

2019 will see an unprecedented number of new GM vehicles in China
Photo: Buick

During the past few years, automakers have increasingly turned to China for sales, as it is currently the largest automotive market in the world. General Motors in particular has increased its presence in China.

Now, GM is ready to make an even larger commitment to the Chinese market, introducing more than 20 new or refreshed vehicles in that country this year.

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GM has reportedly stated that half of the vehicles introduced this year would be brand-new nameplates for the Chinese market. That’s a near-unprecedented level of new models for an automotive company to introduce in the span of a single year.

Many of these new models will be EVs. As of late, the Chinese market has begun to purchase more EVs, in part to counteract heavy pollution in urban areas.

GM plans to have 10 EVs in its lineup by 2020. Its lineup is currently populated by four such vehicles.

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As for the rest of the models, they will likely see exterior upgrades or redesigns. GM has not indicated which models will receive a new look for the Chinese market this year.

GM’s commitment to China comes at a time where such a decision could be risky. After years of continuous growth, Chinese automotive sales have begun to decline.

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Even brands like Buick lost sales in China last year
Photo: Buick

This is true for GM’s own Chinese sales. Last year, GM’s sales in China fell to 3.64 million vehicles, representing a decline of 9.9 percent.

Still, GM evidently believes that its future depends on its success in China. New and refreshed models might be enough to spark renewed interest.

News Source: Automotive News China