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GM Poised to Enter the Auto Subscription Service Industry with DriveScription

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GM is elaborating on the success of its vehicle subscription service Book by Cadillac, by trademarking the name DriveScription. Rumor has it that it will soon announce a new auto subscription service under this name.

While Book by Cadillac caters to luxury consumers, it’s likely that DriveScription will cater to drivers who demand more functionality and practical features than the latest luxuries. Imagine getting to temporarily own a Chevy Volt, a GMC Sierra, or Chevy Camaro, without making a long-term commitment.

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2018 Chevrolet Volt

Photo: © General Motors

Not only will the service suit drivers with changeable preferences, but it will also prove useful for drivers who occasionally need a different vehicle. For instance, if you need a truck for a summer project, such as building a deck, you could rent a Silverado to help transport lumber to and from the hardware store and your house. Or maybe you own a subcompact car; while it’s great on efficiency, maybe you want to rent a larger sedan for a family road trip in the near future.

We currently lack details about the length of service for DriveScription. Book by Cadillac, for example, has a monthly subscription fee. Users can swap their vehicle for a different Cadillac model up to 18 times a year. GM might adopt this monthly plan for its DriveScription. But perhaps it will go on a weekly basis, to provide even more customizable options for short-term ownership, to suit drivers who need a vehicle for less than a month.

2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD

We await more news on DriveScription, as GM discloses additional details about this exciting new service.

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News Source: GM Authority