GMC Sierra 1500 History

GMC Sierra 1500 History

GMC Sierra 1500 History


As one of the first pickup trucks that wasn’t based on a car design, the GMC Sierra, introduced with its sibling pickup, the Chevrolet Silverado, made a huge splash in the marketplace. Since its introduction in 1962, the Sierra has continuously helped General Motors remain one of the best-selling American (and global) brands. The Sierra is often seen as the luxury version of the Silverado workhorse, though the two trucks are almost identical now.

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Early History

The Sierra was first introduced to the market in 1962 along with its sibling Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. Both trucks were produced until 1999, before taking a brief hiatus and being reintroduced to the market in 2003.

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Recent History

When it first entered the market, the GMC Sierra 1500 was offered with four different trim levels (Sierra, High Sierra, Sierra Grande, and Sierra Classic). Now, the light-duty pickup has a multitude of trim levels and powertrain options, including a hybrid version.

GMC Sierra 1500 Awards

Since hitting the market in the 60s, the GMC Sierra 1500 has received multiple awards, including the 2014 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for Safety from NHTSA. The light-duty pickup also received the 2013 J.D. Power Highest Ranked Large Light Duty Pickup in Initial Quality award.

2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Overview
2013 GMC Sierra 1500 Overview