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GMC, NFL Characters Unite Award Families With New Car, Scholarship

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NFL Characters Unite

Cobb and Tyson

On this morning’s Today Show, Tyson Wheelock—a 13-year-old boy who is struggling to overcome bullying with the help of Green Bay Packers wideout, Randall Cobb—and his mother were awarded a 2014 GMC Acadia as part of the auto brand’s partnership with USA Network’s Characters Unite public service campaign and the upcoming NFL Characters Unite television special.

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Tyson Wheelock’s story will air this Friday night at 7 pm EST on the USA Network as part of the “NFL Characters Unite” documentary. Tyson and his mother winning a 2014 Acadia will no doubt make a heart-warming and uplifting bookend to his story. The NFL Characters Unite documentary will profile NFL superstars and their personal stories relating to overcoming bullying, prejudice, and discrimination. The objective will be to show a younger audience that it is possible to overcome struggles on the way to a successful and happy life and career.

In Tyson’s portion of the documentary, he meets Randall Cobb—who endured similar experiences with bullying while growing up in a small Tennessee town. Cobb’s goal is to help the young man grow his confidence and learn that his dreams are easily achievable so long as he stays on the right path. To help, Cobb arranges to have the boy lead a supply-wrangling effort for a local Habitat for Humanity home build.

On Wednesday morning, GMC’s Director of Advertising and Sales Promotion, Sandra Moore, appeared on the Today Show to award Tyson’s mother, Nicole, with an all-new 2014 GMC Acadia. Nicole had been previously having some car trouble, making it difficult for her and her son to get around.

“On behalf of GMC partnership with USA Network and Characters Unite, we’d like to provide Nicole with her own Never Say Never moment,” said Moore on the broadcast. “I’m thrilled to hand off these keys to a 2014 GMC Acadia that is now yours. We hope this will help you continue to persevere and strive to achieve the best for your family.”

During the same segment, Mark Herzlich of the New York Giants, who overcame Ewing’s sarcoma after being diagnosed in 2009, gave Elijah Williams (12 years old and battling Cerebral Palsy) a four year scholarship for his college education, also courtesy of GMC. He says he wants study algebra.

Congratulations to both Tyson and Elijah!

NFL Characters Unite

Nicole and Acadia