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GMC ProShot Ready and Set to Feature at 2015 Calgary Stampede

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GMC Ready Set Stampede

The annual Calgary Stampede rodeo and festival in Calgary in many ways represents the very epitome of ruggedness. It’s also a great opportunity for brands to showcase their goods, which means it’s a particularly good place for brands that specialize in ruggedness. As such, GMC will be on-hand with the GMC ProShot.

In a nutshell, the GMC ProShot is a mega-scale take on the old midway game where players use water pistols to bring their racehorse to the finish line first. Only, in this instance, the race horses are GMC trucks being hoisted skyward on hydraulic lifts.

It certainly looks like a lot of fun! Less fun: the preview video’s insistence on integrating the buzzword “Precision” or any number of variations thereof into the 45-second video as many times as humanly possible. You can almost imagine the marketing person just standing off camera and asking, “Yeah, but what about all that PRECISION?”

The Calgary Stampede runs from July 3rd to 12th this year. Tickets are available at