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GMC Sales Rising Quickly in United Arab Emirates

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GMC Yukon UAE Ramadan

Photo: © General Motors

The Dubai Police Department is far from alone in the United Arab Emirates in terms of its fondness for GMC products.

Through May, sales of GMC trucks and SUVs in the UAE are up 39% year-over-year. The brand’s catchprase—“Commands Respect”—is clearly more an imperative for the brand than a mere slogan.

“The desire for larger vehicles and luxury products continues to be strong in the UAE,” said Markus Leithe, GM Middle East’s Director for Operations. “That’s why every month this year we’ve seen more and more people drive away in our new Yukons, Sierras, Acadias, and Terrains.”

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General Motors isn’t terribly forthcoming with numbers in its press release, but it insists that folks in the UAE are going batty for the four aforementioned vehicles—particularly for the Yukon and Yukon XL.

This does not sound terribly dissimilar from GMC’s performance in other key markets around the world thus far, where increased demand for pickups and SUVs has benefitted the brand considerably.

“We expect the growth in the brand to continue, and particularly with Ramadan offers on at the moment, we will not be surprised if our sales results are bolstered further,” said Leithe.

GMC will also honor Ramadan in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar by aallowing people to write their names in calligraphy on a Yukon.