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GM’s President Suggests a Future for Hybrid Corvette

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In a recent LA Times interview, GM President Mark Reuss was asked about the potential for a hybrid C7 Corvette somewhere down the road.  While the questioner may have only meant it in jest, Reuss’ response told a different story.

Hybrid Corvette

Could a hybrid Corvette be in the works?

“I think it’s a very attractive idea, actually.  I think it would be really fun to do, I think it would build capability inside our company and I think people would love it.”

Reuss appears to be right on all fronts, as we can only imagine it would be a ball to put together and an even bigger blast to drive.

Despite protestations from some that a hybrid Corvette would be “un-American and blasphemous,” it just kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?  Hybrid powertrain technology has come far enough along, as evidenced in vehicles such as the soon-to-debut BMW i8 and its combined 350-horsepower capabilities, that a vehicle could manage to be both powerful and efficient.

Many of the Founding Fathers wore powdered wigs, and yet you don’t see President Obama officiating today from beneath a mound of white curls because at some point, tradition must deign to practicality. A hybrid Corvette would be a great strategy for GM and Chevrolet in terms of promoting environmental awareness, drawing in an entirely new audience, and giving its flagship muscle car a new lease on life.  We certainly can’t wait to see if Reuss and General Motors follow through on the concept.