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Good Samaritan Revives Squirrel That He Hit with His Car

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Chris Felix of Minneapolis revived a squirrel using CPR after his car struck it

♪Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive♪
Photo:Ingrid Taylar

If most motorists struck a squirrel with their car during their commute, they would likely label the poor critter “roadkill” and move on. Chris Felix is not like most motorists.

The Minneapolis-area driver proceeded to perform CPR on a squirrel after he hit it with his car. The crazy thing is that it worked!

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Felix was on his daily commute when he spotted a squirrel in his way. Despite his attempts to avoid the animal, the driver believed that his back tire struck the squirrel.

Instead of driving away, Felix decided to stop and check to see if the little critter was hurt. When he found the squirrel unresponsive and on its back, he proceeded to pull a glove out of his vehicle and begin doing chest compression on the unconscious animal.

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It was around that time that two police officers out on patrol spotted Felix on the side of the road. When they went to investigate, they found the young driver still attempting to revive the squirrel.

Shortly after the officers arrived on the scene, the squirrel suddenly sprang back to life. It then proceeded to scurry off into the distance.

After receiving a well-deserved round of high-fives from the officers, Felix got back on the road. The Brooklyn Park Police Department then shared footage of the events on its Facebook page.

“I was there trying to help it out, you know. Something little means a lot in the long run,” Felix told reporters from WCCO-TV in a later interview.

In total, Felix spent nearly 20 minutes trying to revive the squirrel. Some people might consider that “nuts,” but we’re sure that the squirrel appreciated the actions of this Good Samaritan.

News Source: WCCO-TV, ABC-7