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Google Maps Lets You Play “Where’s Waldo” for April Fool’s Day

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Google Maps Where's Waldo

Photo: Google Maps

Most days, you can’t trust a lot of what you read online. But if you trust what you see on the Internet on the first day of April, you’re certain to be fooled. Google Maps celebrated this year’s April Fool’s Day a different way than most. Rather than tricks, it incorporated a fun game for its users: Where’s Waldo?

For the next week, you can play Where’s Waldo? on your computer, iPhone, or Android device when you use Google Maps. When you open the app, Waldo will pop up on the side of your screen, waving at you like the friendly chum he is. Simply click on him and you’ll be able to click “Play” to find him throughout the real-life maps.

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You can progress through different levels of difficulty, finding Waldo along the way. But Waldo isn’t the only one on the map. Several of Waldo’s buddies, including Wenda, Woof, and Wizard Whitebeard, will be scattered throughout the maps as well. This isn’t the first time Google Maps added a game to its app for April Fool’s Day, either. Last year, Google Maps let its users play Pac Man through the city streets.

It’s always a stressful day on the Internet when tricks are being played left and right. Thankfully, important navigation apps like Google Maps opted for an innocent, fun joke rather than a frustrating and confusing trick. If you thought Waldo popping up alongside your maps was annoying, just think: they could’ve renamed all of the streets.

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