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Grandpa Can Drive: an Underrated Commercial from the 2018 Super Bowl

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While some people are raving about commercials from the Super Bowl last night, including Ram’s “We Will Rock You” as well as a trailer for the upcoming movie Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Other more understated commercials deserve more notice than they’ve received. One of them was the “Grandpa Can Drive” advertisement featuring the new Chevy Silverado 2500HD equipped with a Duramax Diesel Engine. Wild West Chevrolet, in Yerington, Nevada, gets the credit for this endearing, lighthearted ad.

The commercial starts with two middle-aged parents saying bye to their teen-aged son whom they leave under the supervision of Grandpa. “We’ll be back in a couple of hours,” said the dad. The mom lays the keys to their new Chevy Silverado 2500HD on the counter, pointedly telling her son, “Don’t even think about it, Junior.”

The mute-mouthed son stares on while Grandpa humbly asks if it’d be ok to go for an ice-cream run later. The parents nod, then head out the door.

It turns out that the mom’s admonition should have been directed towards Grandpa, however. The commercial depicts a rather dangerous joy-ride that starts when the Grandpa gets behind the wheel and the grandson climbs in to the passenger seat.

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Rock music plays while the camera zooms in on a few of the truck’s assets: the 2500HD badge, the confident front grille, the Duaramax badge, and the massive wheel rims.

The diesel engine surges as the truck embarks on an off-road trail, under the dusk of twilight. Then the grandpa related, “Ever tell you about the time I made your old man crap his pants?” Suddenly, the truck performs a supernatural upward arch that curves right by the moon, before the vehicle returns safely back to earth.

The commercial ends with the two hosing off the truck in a car wash, while they eat ice cream. The clips ends with the happy parents coming back to the house, the grandpa and the son perched on the couch as before.

The story’s main point: the new Silverado 2500HD looks great when it’s clean, but it’s built for rough adventures and dusty roads. Click here to discover the stunning capabilities and contemporary amenities of the new 2500HD Silverado.

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