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Great Idea Turned to Reality: What If a Dealer Sold Electric Cars from Multiple Brands?

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One problem that electric cars have once they make it onto dealership lots is that, often, salespeople aren’t very good at selling them, and sometimes don’t really know the first thing about them—the Sierra Club ran a secret study using volunteer “shoppers” that showed major issues with how dealerships dealt with their electric stock. So, given that educating every last salesperson is a difficult goal that probably won’t be at any sort of priority until far more electrics are on the market, what can be done?

If you are a company called EVEN Electric, the answer is “take the electric car sales out of the hands of those dealers.” EVEN Electric’s basic idea was “what if you had one dealership that sold only electric cars from multiple brands?” In addition, to keep costs down, the company would keep its inventory at centralized processing centers, allowing it to keep less expensive showrooms that can focus mostly on test drives, vehicle deliveries, and servicing (although the company expects the latter two could easily be performed in the customer’s driveway).

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On top of that, EVEN Electric is partnering with charging-infrastructure-supplier EVoCharge, and together plan to work to expand car-charging infrastructure (an issue we’ve talked about until we’re blue in the face).

The company is set to open its first dealership in Canada following a highly successful pilot program in Iceland starting in 2013—the store proved to be so popular that the company apparently couldn’t keep up with the orders. In addition to Canada, the company is in discussions to set up shop in Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Panama, and the UK.

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News Source: Green Car Reports