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Guy Takes Video Selfie while being Cut from Car by Jaws of Life

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Self-Portrait of the Artist as a Young Crash Victim

Self-Portrait of the Artist as a Young Crash Victim

“But first, let me take a selfie” isn’t just a line from an obnoxious song you’d totally forgotten about until this very moment—it’s also a call to action. At least, it was for YouTube user Andrew Mac, who powered through multiple broken bones to take a video selfie that shows him being removed from his totaled car by the jaws of life.

Bizarre (and uncomfortable) as it may seem to record such an incident for posterity, the video does provide an interesting vantage point on the situation. Andrew also seems to be in pretty good spirits throughout, all things considered.

(Warning: Andrew uses some “adult language” in the following video, as one does when one has lots of broken bones that are not yet cast):

Andrew provided this full description of the events in the YouTube video’s comments section:

I’m okay. On January 11th, 2015 I blacked out behind the wheel at 530 in the morning after a night in Victoria, BC. Drove straight into a pole on the drivers side at 60km/h in Duncan, BC. Suffered a broken right arm. Broken left Femur. Broke both knee caps. And both ankles. Went for major surgery in Victoria which took total 14 hours over a couple days. Metal plates and screws all over. Spent a month in hospital. Only 1 hot nurse 😐 But I’m home now. And recovering quickly!

Let this be a reminder to never keep driving if you’re so tired that you risk falling asleep at the wheel. It’s better to play it safe and pull over for a snooze than to stay on the road and risk death or hospitalization—especially since the number of hot nurses in hospitals is apparently being greatly exaggerated.

Via: Jalopnik