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Help Feed Families Still Suffering from Superstorm Sandy

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Meals Per Hour

Since Superstorm Sandy hit last October, thousands of families are still struggling to put food on their tables.  A non-profit organization called Metro World Child has stepped up to help those in need, and Toyota is joining the cause.

Toyota plans to donate one meal for each view of their Metro YouTube video -up to 1,000,000 meals.  These meals will be distributed to those families still struggling from Sandy in the New York area.

The video details how Toyota’s Production System team came into Metro to help improve their production system.  They went from packing food boxes in three minutes to 11 seconds, loading 864 boxes onto the truck to 1260 boxes and distribution time dropped from three hours to less than two.

Toyota has already helped donate 250,000 meals and you can help them reach one million by watching their Metro YouTube Video.  Thank you for doing your part to help those in need!