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Here Are the Weird Things People Are Using to Clear Snowy Roads Aside From Salt

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Road salt is a fact of life in places like The News Wheel‘s  home of Dayton, Ohio, where the various municipalities and cities battle the yearly coating of snow and ice on the roads with scattered tons of the stuff (or, if you live where I do in Dayton, the city just sort of scrapes it off once on the way through and kinda shrugs at all the people fishtailing down the Dixie Strip).

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However, as studies have shown, throwing around that much salt is definitely doing something to the local waterways, and it sure isn’t anything good. So, the question is, what can we use instead?

Well, if you are an agency in New Jersey or North Dakota, the answer may be a mixture of beet juice (although, as the same study from above mentioned, the beet juice mixture doesn’t present a perfect fix, as it pulls oxygen out of water), while those in New Hampshire and Maine take a decidedly sweeter route and create a mixture with molasses, and those in Wisconsin take a somewhat stereotypical path, clearing the road with cheese brine – similarly, both beer and pickle brine are sometimes used to help clear roadways.

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However, salt is still sticking around, and likely to continue to do so, as despite its tendency to do horrible things to developing frogs, it is still the cheapest effective road treatment.

News Source: Fortune