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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about the New Disney Channel Mini-Series ‘Fast Layne’

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Meet VIN, the sophisticated talking car that disrupts Layne’s life

If you’ve got a tiny car enthusiast in your family who’s itching for a new show to watch, the upcoming Disney Channel mini-series Fast Layne might become their new favorite. From producers Matt Dearborn and Tom Burkhard (Zeke and Luther, Even Stevens) and creator Travis Braun (Vampirina, Muppet Babies), this new Disney show is already being called a goofy, kid-friendly version of Knight Rider, talking car and all.

The show was green-lit in early 2018, with production beginning in Vancouver, Canada, from Feb. 19 to April 27. Disney Channel viewers got a first glance of the show on Jan. 18 when a trailer was released. Two days later, a sneak peek also debuted.


What is the show about?

According to the Disney Channel, “Twelve-year-old over-achiever Layne (Sophie Pollono) finds her orderly life thrown into a tailspin when she discovers a sophisticated talking car named “V.I.N.” hidden in an abandoned shed. With the help of her eccentric neighbor, Zora (Sofia Rosinsky), Layne embarks on a high-speed adventure filled with bad guys, secret agents, and other surprises to unlock the mystery behind V.I.N.’s creation.”

Other notable characters on the show include: V.I.N., the talking car whose voice actor is currently unnamed across all sources; Cody (Brandon Rossel), the “cute boy at school” who likes to work on cars; and Mel (Winslow Fegley), Layne’s nosy younger cousin who desperately wants to uncover her secret.


When does the show air?

There will be a special premiere of Fast Layne immediately following the live-action Kim Possible DCOM on Friday, Feb. 15 at 9:32 p.m. After that, the show will air in its regularly scheduled timeslot of Sundays at 7 p.m. After the second episode airs on Sunday, Feb. 17, both 30-minute episodes will be available on DisneyNOW. The series will comprise of eight episodes.


Is there any info on the episodes?

The show is targeted at kids age 6-11 and is rated TV-G. The episode titles are denoted by a mile marker along with a vague statement about the plot.

Mile 1: The Voice in the Shed (Feb. 15) 9:32-10 p.m. (after Kim Possible DCOM)

Mile 2: Paid to Drive (Feb. 17) 7-7:30 p.m.

“Layne and Zora race against time to find the money to replace VIN’s control unit before his memory is lost forever.”

Mile 3: VIN Goes Wild (Feb 24) 7-7:30 p.m.

“Despite having just uncovered a big secret, Layne attempts to stay focused on her school campaign event.”


Unconfirmed episode titles and dates:

Mile 4: Changing Lanes (March 3)

Mile 5: Road Trip (March 10)

Mile 6: VIN’s Off Limits (March 17)

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