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“High Desert”: The Latest GM Trademark Application

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General Motors is at it again, filing trademark applications to cause us all unbearable suffering as we wonder what the big General is up to this time. GM Authority was the first to track this one down: “High Desert” is the term in question, and immediately it makes us wonder if it’s in any way related to the High Country range for the Silverado.

Vehicle Research: Chevy Silverado 1500

Silverado High Country | High Desert

Will the “High Desert” name be related to the Silverado High Country?

The “High Desert” application was filed a week and a half ago, on October 20th, 2014, in the goods and services category of “Motor land vehicles, namely, trucks,” which solidifies our suspicion that there is some correlation with the Silverado High Country. Could “High Desert” then refer to a similar trim on the GMC Sierra, or perhaps another trim, slotted above or below the Silverado High Country?

Vehicle Research: GMC Sierra 1500

And why “High Desert” for the name? Does this indicate an off-road truck that does well on the dunes? Or maybe GM just forgot the second “S,” and the model is really made of chocolate ice cream. (Hey, they made a Colorado out of sand, why can’t they make a Silverado out of frozen dairy?)

We don’t have any clear answers yet, and GM, of course, will not reveal anything until the company is ready. The General is playing its cards close to its chest, but we’ll bring you an update the moment the first card is played.

News Source: GM Authority