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Toyota Belgium Unleashes Hilux Indestructible Showroom

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Hilux Indestructible Showroom

The Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is a truck known for its toughness. This is a pickup that has appeared on British motoring show Top Gear multiple times, both as a boat, and as a vehicle tested to the extreme for its ruggedness. (Spoiler alert: It passed. And then some.) While both episodes clearly show that the Hilux is one badass truck, Toyota Belgium decided drivers in the land of Trappist beer and mayo with fries might need a little extra persuasion. And so, the Hilux Indestructible Showroom was born.

Created by ad agency Happiness Brussels, the online showroom experience features 360-degree product demonstrations that give viewers the ability to check out the action from 13 different angles (including one from inside the Hilux’s engine compartment). From this website, interested customers can switch between viewing Hilux images from different angles against a white background, to a widescreen movie that celebrates the Hilux for its ruggedness and reliability.

The Hilux Indestructible Showroom also discusses the truck’s towing capabilities, load capacity, suspension, and bodywork. By the end of your experience with the online showroom, you’ll be wishing you could buy a Hilux right here in the US. Too bad though—unfortunately, Toyota has no plans to bring the truck back to our shores. Womp, womp.