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Holden Launches ‘Mobile Made’ Ad Campaign for Trax

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Holden Mobile Made commercial

Holden is teaming up with AJF for a new ad campaign to promote the recently-launched Trax crossover. Entitled “Mobile Made,” the campaign consists of video shot solely using mobile phones. Get it? Do you get it? Do you comprehend the sweet, sweet wordplay involved in that name? How it so succinctly describes what makes the campaign unique? Do you get it?

Featuring ShowPo CEO Jane Lu and pro surfer Nikki van Dijk, the campaign involves three key components: those people we just mentioned, phones, and the Holden Trax. That’s what you call the perfect recipe for a commercial about those people driving that vehicle and using those mobile devices. What a pizza pie!

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“Let’s face it, your phone has become an essential part of who you are. And given most Australians are especially obsessed with their mobiles, we wanted to have some fun with this and creating the entire campaign using the camera, sound, and video features built in,” said Holden General Manager of Marketing Communications Natalie Davie. “We’d never recommend using a mobile in the car, but working with AJF and CARstodian ambassador, Jane Lu, we were able to explore how Australians use their car and their phone together, whilst staying safe on the road.”

The campaign is the most recent collaboration between Holden and AJF. Says Davie, “In 2016, we teamed up to challenge drivers to switch their vehicle for a Colorado at the ‘Holden Colorado Truck Swap,’ and before that we challenged the male-focused advertising in the automotive industry, explicitly communicating with female customers to launch the new Holden Spark.”

If you live in Australia, you’ll probably be seeing these ads a lot as they launched this past Sunday. If you don’t live in Australia, hey, you can see the video above. That’s still pretty good, right?

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