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Honda Announces 2017 Montesa Trial Models

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2017 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR

The 2017 Honda Montesa Cota 300RR

Today Honda announced its lineup of 2017 Montesa trials motorcycles, which includes the exclusive Cota 300RR and the Cota 4RT260. Honda Montesa is touting the selection as offering “something for trials riders of every level.”

“No one is more passionate about their pastime than trials enthusiasts, so it’s gratifying to continue supporting these customers in the US, particularly given the success Honda has enjoyed this year in international and domestic competition,” said Lee Edmunds, the Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications at American Honda.

Edmunds was referring to Repsol Honda trials rider Toni Bou landing his 20th World Championship (10 outdoor, 10 indoor) this season, as well as Montesa Honda rider Marc Freixa’s AMA/NATC MotoTrials National Championship.

The new Cota 300RR is designed with that same competitive spirit in mind (the “RR” stands for “Race Ready”), having been introduced last year and now upgraded for the 2017 model year.

New ECU mapping that improves engine response in the low and middle rpm ranges, a new three-ring piston (up from two) that helps prevent leakage and improves durability, and a lighter piston with a flatter top that makes combustion more efficient at low rpm are among the improvements. An updated chassis, more robust muffler with reinforced mounts, and a shortened rear-brake pedal that helps avoid impacts account for other upgrades.

The 2017 Cota 300R will go on sale in December of this year for $9,999.

2017 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260

The 2017 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260

Honda says it is aiming the new Montesa Cota 4RT260 at both trials enthusiasts and those looking for a cross-training tool. First introduced to the US market in 2015, the 4RT260 is now offered in a new White/Blue/Red livery, and borrows the longer kick-start lever from the 300RR to make starting easier.

The 2017 Montesa Cota 4RT260 goes on sale this November, with a price tag of $7,899.