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Honda Begins Week of Service in North American Communities

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Honda Kicks Off Week of Service in North America

Honda is launching a brand new initiative that brings together the company’s North American associates, dealerships, and suppliers for the purpose of making a positive difference in a host of American, Canadian, and Mexican communities. The Team Honda Week of Service will run from June 10th to the 19th, and involve volunteer community activities in 41 states, as well as certain cities in Mexico and Canada.

The Week of Service was scheduled to coincide with Founder’s Day, held every June 11th to commemorate the establishment of the first Honda business operation in North America in 1959.

Honda associates will account for the more than 15,000 volunteers who make up Team Honda. Additional volunteers from over 325 Honda dealerships and 76 suppliers will also participate in the Week of Service. Honda says that more specifics about the impact this week has on the select communities will be made available in early July.

Honda's Pilate Bradley puts a new coat of paint on the sheep barn at the Logan County Fairgrounds in Bellefontaine, Ohio. This activity helped kick off Team Honda's Week of Service, which will run from June 10-19.

Honda’s Pilate Bradley puts a new coat of paint on the sheep barn at the Logan County Fairgrounds

“Honda associates have a strong tradition of community service and we are so pleased to have so many of our partners join us in this first Team Honda Week of Service to help make our communities more vibrant,” said Honda North America VP Rick Schostek. “This event is an example of the power of coming together as one team. By working with the non-profit organizations in our communities, we hope to make a positive impact for our many neighbors.”

Honda is planning hundreds of charitable and volunteer activities across the country, ranging from food drives to pet adoptions and more.

Team Honda will provide updates on their activities throughout the Week of Service using social media, using the Twitter hashtag #TeamHondaCares. Those interested can also follow along by using the Team Honda Week of Service webpage at