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Honda Civic Gets Hit by Train, Walks it Off [VIDEO]

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Honda Civic Coupe gets hit by train but keeps driving in video

Only a flesh wound…

The Honda Civic is proving itself to be the Timex of the auto industry. Like the famously dependable watch, Honda’s popular compact car can really take a licking and keep on ticking.

A new video out of downtown Orlando, Florida, shows a Honda Civic Coupe that has gotten stuck on the tracks being hit by an oncoming train. The collision is entertaining in and of itself, but the real surprise is the aftermath, in which the smashed-up Civic simply drives away from the accident.

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Check it out (WARNING: there is some NSFW language in this video):

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It’s a testament to the Civic’s design and body structure that it managed to drive away after being hit by a multi-ton CSX freight train, with even the taillights still functioning!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, after the crash, the car’s occupants moved the Civic and parked it nearby, before fleeing the scene in another vehicle. Orlando police are investigating the incident, and have identified one of the car’s occupants, but have not said yet whether there will be any criminal charges.

Also according to the Sentinel, this footage was recorded by engineering entrepreneur Aaron Fechter, the inventor of Whac-A-Mole (!!!), who was apparently tinkering in his warehouse at 3:00 am when he heard the commotion outside.

I suppose there’s some poetry to Fechter being the man who captured this video, since just like the proverbial Whac-A-Mole rodent, the Honda Civic took a beating and then popped right back up, hungry for more.

News Source: Orlando Sentinel